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What is a cookie, really?

A cookie is a small text file that we save on your computer to keep track of what is happening during you’re your visit and to recognize your computer when you revisit our website. A cookie is not an app or program and it only stores text and will be erased by your browser of choice for a set amount of time.

Why do you use cookies?

Cookies are necessary text files to get the website to fully function. We use cookies to make your experience when visiting a good experience and save your states on the website, such as whether you are logged in or not or your cart status.

Cookies used at do not contain personal information. No information can be passed to third parties.

When the browser erases the cookies?

There are two types of cookies:

Session Cookies, used to recognize you if you are logged in or not. These cookies have a set time to expire that is determined by the browser.

Permanent cookies placed on your computer and will expire on a given date or when you delete them manually.

What if I reject using cookies?

At Begonville we are working hard to give you the best experience possible when you visit our website. But you can always reject cookies to be used at our website (or any website) via your browser settings. Please note that by rejecting cookies, our website still works, however some functionality and/or services may not work as intended.

We strongly recommend if you are B2B or Trade customer of Begonville to keep cookies as is.

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