How to care for your Begonville Product


All Turkish towels are made with cotton, bamboo or linen. We always use our base as Turkish Cotton and like any cotton that you would normally wash, it requires a low temperature (50C or 122F max) to minimize shrinkage.


We recommend a slow tumble wash or a gentle mode for our products. While we recommend a air drying our products, you can also tumble dry your towels & throws.

Note on Products with Wrinkled Texture:

Note that Jewel, Troy and Ephesus products are delicate in nature due to their crinkle look and for that reason please lay flat the product for drying. Hanging the product may flatten the look of the towels & throws.

Softeners & Myth-Busting:

We do not recommend using any kind of silicone-based softeners as it may reduce absorbency of the towel.

Do not use any kind of vinegar to soften your towel. It will smell bad and may change the color of the towel (especially if it has any light color)

Simply washing the towel will make the towel softer and more absorbent over time, like a fine-wine would taste better when aged properly.

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