Why Turkish Cotton?

While we are located within Turkey, we are not strictly limited to using Turkish Cotton as our base for our products. This is a deliberate choice by our founders and tested & approved by our countless customers across the globe because we just not only look for softness and absorbance.

At Begonville, we look for not only these two aspects of the cotton's specifications but look further into the overtime usage of the towel, malleability and color vibrancy of the yarn itself and most importantly, its drying time.

Egyptian cotton yarns are higher volume vs than its Turkish cousin - this also gives it its plush feeling and softness; however, this also doubles the drying time of the towel. This means that the towel will stay damp and moist will make the towel smell. Also, Egyptian towels are not recommended in highly humid climates, which is basically all the beaches that you would want to visit around the world. Turkish Towels while retaining almost the same softness and absorbency, will dry much quicker than an Egyptian towel. This means they will dry quickly, ready to be used multiple times, and will not smell bad after a day of use.

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